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Whole Building

Whole Building

The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) Multifamily Program offers technical assistance and financial incentives when you make energy-saving improvements to your property.

Add value to your property, improve tenant comfort, and reduce maintenance costs with the SoCalREN Multifamily Program.

Participate Easily in Four Easy Steps

  1. Access No-Cost Consulting: an energy consultant from the SoCalREN team will work with you to identify measures and connect you to incentive and financing programs.
  2. Get an Assessment: An energy assessment will identify the opportunities to upgrade the energy efficiency of your property.
  3. Make Improvements: Have a licensed, qualified contractor install energy efficiency measures. Some measures may be self-installed (contact the Program for more details).
  4. Receive Incentives*: Earn incentives for the amount of energy saved, based on the measures installed. The more you save, the more incentives you earn!

* Improvement incentive based on energy efficiency achieved. Higher percentages of savings will lead to higher incentive levels.

Confirm Your Eligibility

To participate in the Program, your multifamily projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in a property served by either Southern California Edison (SCE) or SoCalGas®.
  • Be in a building that contains a minimum of five connected units.
  • Include at least three energy efficiency measures.
  • Achieve a minimum 10% improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Reach project completion and approval within 12 months of the date of reservation.

Ready to get started? Complete our Interest Form.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Incentives

See below for details on the incentive amount per unit based on energy efficiency improvement.

% Savings Incentive Per Unit
10 $550
11 $583
12 $616
13 $649
14 $682
15 $715
16 $748
17 $781
18 $814
19 $847
20 $880
21 $913
22 $946
23 $979
24 $1,012
25 $1,045
26 $1,078
27 $1,111
28 $1,144
29 $1,177
30 $1,200